ZIKE MagSafe Case for iPad Pro 11''/12.9''

$43.11 USD
The ZIKE MagSafe case is made of high-quality flocking lining, which is as thin as 1mm while protecting the body, and feels light. It has a built-in MagSafe magnet for precise magnetic adsorption. Smart contact design, compatible with Magic Keyboard, can be used with ZIKE iPad pro magnetic double-sided clip.
尺寸 :
Ultimate Protection: The ZIKE MagSafe Case for iPad Pro 11''/12.9'' provides the ultimate protection for your device with its high-quality flocking lining that safeguards the fuselage against scratches, bumps, and other external damages.

Smart Design: With a built-in MagSafe magnet and a precise magnetic adsorption mechanism, this iPad case allows for easy and secure attachment to your device. Plus, its smart contact design is compatible with Magic Keyboard, enabling you to use your iPad Pro like a laptop.

Pencil-Friendly: The exclusive groove for the pencil is one of the standout features of this case. It not only protects your pencil from being lost, but it also won't hinder the charging of the pencil. This thoughtful design ensures that your pencil is always ready to use when you need it.

Versatile and convenient: This iPad case can be used with the ZIKE iPad pro magnetic double-sided clip, allowing you to easily mount your device to any surface. With the ZIKE MagSafe case, you can be sure that your iPad Pro will be well-protected and always ready to use.

Perfect fit: When installing the case, simply install it from the camera side, ensure that the four corners are aligned, and press the case firmly to ensure a secure fit. Unshelling is a breeze, simply push from the side and tilt the MagSafe shell to take out your iPad Pro.
Applicable Equipment:
●11 inches :iPad Pro2018 (first generation), 2020 (second generation), 2021 (third generation), 2022 (fourth generation)
●12.9 inches: iPad Pro2018 (third generation), 2020 (fourth generation), 2021 (fifth generation), 2022 (sixth generation)
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