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ZIKE Frosted Clear Laptop Case for MacBook Pro 14''/16'' Z596

ZIKE Frosted Clear Laptop Case for MacBook Pro 14''/16'' Z596

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This microfrosted case can keep your MacBook's clean, consistent look, also protect it from scratches, water stains, and minor bumps. It is compatible with dual ports USB-C Hub using. The bottom four corners of the silicone is non-slip, with hole designed in side, which is better for the MacBook heat dissipation.

Tech Specs

Dimensions & Weight:●14inches:12.84 x 9.17 x 11.02 inches, 0.96 lbs
●16inches:14.67 x 10.20 x 11.02 inches, 1.23 lbs

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Scratch-resistant and wear-resistant

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ZIKE Frosted Clear Laptop Case for MacBook Pro 14''/16'' Z596

Design With Heart

Our Macbook cases resist minor scratches, keeping your Macbook in perfect condition.Premium build quality and precise cutouts offer easy access to all ports. Also, designed to fit adapters and hubs such as our Pro Hub lineup without any interference.

ZIKE Frosted Clear Laptop Case for MacBook Pro 14''/16'' Z596

Avanced Heat Disburisement

With a FULLY VENTED construct and ruggedly durable design, this is the Laptop Case to get if you want the ULTIMATE PROTECTION for your MacBook Pro Case , without overheating or frying components. Your MacBook Pro will Look Great in Zike Case.

ZIKE Frosted Clear Laptop Case for MacBook Pro 14''/16'' Z596

Zero Hassle, Raelly – Easy To Install

Simple snap the TOP and BOTTOM around your MacBook. Zike Case keeps your Mac SAFE FROM DROPS, SCRATCHES & DENTS while providing a soft, ultra-grippy exterior that makes those events even less likely.

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Customer Reviews

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Pradeep Naik
Great Product

the case is nice and it seems pretty durable.

Emma Riley
Amazing Product!!!

This was a great prouduct!! LOVE IT!!
The one problem that I had with the hard shell case was it was slightly hard to put on but when you hear a click on all four sides you know that it has been perfectly on. And the keyboard Cover I love it there’s nothing wrong to say about it the color is perfect and you can see the actual letters through the cover in some other situations I’ve already ordered keyboard covers and they didn’t really turn out that good I couldn’t see through the cover so this one definitely is really good.

Does what it should and does it well

This is such a simple no-nonsense kit that does a well enough job for the price. The outer shell snapped on like a glove to my 2020 Macbook Pro 13 in model and doesn't add any additional thickness. It also allow for plenty of ventilation while protecting against scratches. It's not going to protect against strikes or drops by any means but that's because its not intended to. The screen protector is just your standard plastic film; its not tempered glass or anything fancy like that but it should protect just fine against dirt, grime, and light scratches. Impressively enough, the shape of the screen protector does align close to perfectly with the screen.

Really Great Deal

Absolutely great case to protect my new MacBook Pro I really love the texture of it. The case fits really nice very flush not intrusive or taking away from the Mac itself. The case is a fingerprint magnet if you have anything oily on your fingers, I would suggest just using a microfiber cloth with some rubbing alcohol to clean it.

Really fits 2020 MacBook Pro with non-slip bottom

So happy to finally find a case for my 2020 MacBook Pro (I have model A2251 with Touch Bar).

However, I've had my laptop drop and get dirty before, so I'm glad I now have a case to protect my investment.