A good companion for business

As a qualified worker and a long-term user of MacBook, I recommend the ZIKE 7-in-2 high-end business docking station, which has 7 interfaces, rich in variety and high practicability, and is very suitable for business office use.


The package of this product is very simple, with overall white + blue tone, a close-up of the product is printed on the front, the brand LOGO and product name are on the top, icons and parameters of the main interface types of the docking station are on the bottom, on the back are the use scene of the docking station and main product function parameters and selling points.

I was attracted by its appearance at first glance. It is made of aluminum alloy. The overall feeling is very close to Apple. The color is also the same space gray as the MacBook. There is a sense of glare under the irradiation, which is very in line with the preferences of technology lovers.

The product is a dual-male plug-in type. it is tightly attached to the side of the MacBook Pro or Air When in use, forming a sense of unity without being obtrusive. Almost unnecessary to remove the docking station.It will be much more convenient than the model with a cable when you pick up the notebook and move around in your office, and the dual male connectors will be much more stable than the single male connector when used with MacBook Pro.

This docking station has 7 interfaces, which are respectively distributed on the side, upper and down sides of the docking station. The main sides are Type-C, HDMI and two USB-A interfaces, the upper is the network port, and the lower is the SD and TF plug card slot. The name of the interface is engraved on the bottom of each interface. There is a lightning mark next to the Type-C interface, which means that it can not only be used as a data transmission interface, but also a PD fast charging interface. The supported power is also very high, with reaching 100W. There is no pressure to charge while using the notebook.

The HDMI interface supports 4K30Hz high-definition resolution. Usually, I often visit customers and use a laptop to cast a screen. With this interface, it is very convenient, and the supported resolution is also very high. It will not cause the image low-definition due to equipment reasons, which looks very cheap. The two USB-A ports can be used for many purposes, such as connecting a mouse, keyboard, or U disk, hard disk, etc. The specification is USB 3.0 and supports a rate of 5Gbps, which is considered a relatively mainstream type.

And the main reason why I choose this one is its network port. i need a relatively high network speed during working. Wi-Fi is still not as stable as a wired network connection, and the design of the network port is also a bit special,with a buckle, you can gently open it during using, and the network cable is stuck in the interface, it will not be easily disconnected, giving people a full sense of security.

The two card slots on the other side are also more practical. Otherwise, why do 2021 Macs have to prepare the card slots? Especially for those who need to process photos every day, the card slot is simply too important. After taking photos or videos, they must be imported to the computer for processing. With the card reader slot, various connecting wires are far away. Such a convenient operation, I love it~

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