New brand ZIKE launches eight products

Smart wireless charger stands in the center position

Every year September to November, it’s time for global digital giants to release new products,which is recognized as the busiest season in the technology industry. At the same time, a number of innovative new brands will emerge into the public eye, such as the electronic consumer brand ZIKE.

Generally speaking, the eight products launched by ZIKE cover three product lines: wireless charger, chargers and docking stations. Although there are not many categories, each product has its own characteristics and is suitable for the different needs of business person.

Two smart wireless charger stands with strong sense of technology

Two models 2-in-1 wireless charger launched by ZIKE are accessories for the MagSafe ecosystem of the iPhone. These two products have passed the Apple MFM certification. All modules are purchased from Apple, and the charging power can reach max 15W which same value as Apple wireless charger reach.


The highlight is that one of the wireless charger with wider use scenarios can increase the speed of wireless charging for the iPhone, reversing the plight of the slow charging speed , which is a great breakthrough.

At present, these two products have been released simultaneously on Amazon and Shopify. The price of the one with the accelerated charging function is $139.99, and the other is $96.99. It is aimed at users who just bought iPhone 14 and can buy it now.

Since Apple launched two dual Type-C interface chargers on the official website after the WWDC2022 conference in June this year, it  ignited the enthusiasm for multi-port chargers in the market. ZIKE also launched this category of products, not only include two Type -C interface, also taking care of some devices that have not completely separated from the USB-A interface data cable, with a USB-A interface.

In terms of device allocation, this three-port charger is built based on the user's charging habits. It can charge three devices at the same time, such as thin and light notebook, tablet, and mobile phone, and can keep the three devices in a fast charging state.

Docking station for MacBook Pro/Air



It is not difficult to see that ZIKE's products are almost all around Apple's devices, including docking station products, and it also designed two exclusive products for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

The biggest difference between the two products lies in the interface type. Both products have two USB-A interfaces and one HDMI interface. Compared with the 5-in-2 hub, 7-in-2 hub has more network cable interfaces and two card reader slots, while reducing a Type-C interface. These commonly used interface designs also take into account some specific usage habits of MacBook users, which are just-needed products.

Docking station designed for iPad and iMac

The other two docking stations are still designed for Apple products, one is for iPad Pro, and the other is for 24-inch iMac. These two products both adopt the "clip-type" design, which is integrated with the device itself, does not take up more space, and looks more beautiful.

A docking station that meets the needs of a variety of devices

In addition to the above-mentioned products for Apple devices, ZIKE has also launched a more widely used product, the Type-C docking station with a cable. This product can be used on a thin and light notebook, a tablet, or a mobile phone. The price is $ 66.99, It is a cost-effective style in ZIKE's docking station product line.