Quick Guide and Instructional Manual

1.Will I be able to charge both my iPhone and Airpods when the charger is connected to my computer's USB-C port?

Although you will be able to charge directly through the computer's USB-C port, we highly recommend using at least an 18W dedicated power adapter to efficiently charge both the iPhone and Airpods at the same time.

2.Will this work with older iPhones?

We can kindly confirm that this charger is only compatible with the iPhone 12 lineup. If you wish to use this charger with an iPhone 11 or 11 Pro, you will need to purchase our Magnetic Sticker sold separately.

This charger is not designed to be compatible with iPhone models below the iPhone 11.

3.Can I charge other wireless devices that are not Airpods?

We can kindly confirm that you should be able to charge any Qi compatible device on the AirPods charger.

4.Will this charge my iPhone 12 at 15w?

We can kindly confirm that the Magnetic Charger will charge at a max rate of 15w.

5.Will this charge an Apple Watch?

We can kindly confirm that our Magnetic Charger is not compatible with the Apple Watch. It will only charge devices that support Qi Charging Protocol, which Apple Watches unfortunately do not support.

6.Does this product come in a different color?

We can kindly confirm that at the moment, we only provide this charger in the grey color and are not yet sure if we will be releasing this product in different color options in the near future. 

We hope this information has been able to provide some guidance and clarification for you! 

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