A new dark horse in the field of consumer electronics

Over the past two years, under the background of the global epidemic and the rise of home economy, many electronic brands have also targeted overseas markets and continued to go abroad. Among them, ZIKE, a cutting-edge consumer electronics brand, is one of them chasing the wave.

 It is reported that in March this year, ZIKE launch the first 15W MagSafe wireless charger stand with an original air duct cooling system on indiegogo, the world's largest crowdfunding platform for scientific and technological innovations. Not only has reached the target amount of crowdfunding, but it has also received sincere comments from backers around the world.

This futuristic stand-type wireless charger has not only passed Apple's MFM (Made For MagSafe) certification, it has a power comparable to the original 15W, and its biggest highlight is that it has completely solved the problem of slow charging. When MagSafe wireless charger is in use, the temperature rises rapidly, which will cause the charging power to drop..


According to the description of ZIKE on the relevant page of the e-commerce platform, this charger speed is 30%~45% higher than that of Apple's wireless charger, until the mobile phone is charged to 80% of the power. The function of accelerating the charging speed is reflected in the "acceleration button" part of the stand base. After touching the button, the cooling fan behind the magnetic suction plate of the stand will take away the heat generated when the mobile phone is charging, so as to speed up the mobile phone’s charging speed.

With the advancement of science and technology, for consumers, 3C digital products no longer rely on the realization of functionality, but more on the pursuit of personalized and convenient experience, especially the continuous expansion of the current home office and other scenarios, the iterative upgrade of electronic digital products is also getting faster and faster. How to respond to consumer needs and create differentiated products in market segments is an important issue that brands need to think about.

From the perspective of ZIKE's first product, all aspects of the design are well reflected in the brand's exploration of innovative development paths from the details, for example, positioning in Apple's MagSafe ecology, supporting wireless charging iPhone (12 and higher models) and AirPods at the same time which make it looks more like a special product for Apple fans, but it's more than that. Nowadays, there is a huge demand for mobile phones. Many people use the iPhone as the main model and prepare a spare Android mobile phone. The wireless charging board of this bracket is not designed into the shape of the earphone groove like others. It is a flat surface made of flocking material, which obviously also considers the needs of a large number of non-magnetic mobile phone users and TWS earphones.

Now mobile officing is the mainstream, mobile phone, tablet, notebook, intelligent voice input and multi-screen video conference adopted by application software and other forms of are all part of it. Stand-type wireless charging is more considered as an accessory product to support smartphones for mobile officing, whether it is in front of the desk, in the living room, or in the bedroom, you can use your mobile phone for office or entertainment while charging. The MagSafe function frees your hands and allows you to conduct video conferences while handling other affairs. The bracket supports angle adjustment which can protect the cervical spine. All these combination points are believed to satisfy many users who need to work from home.

In addition to launching the first eye-catching product, it can be seen from the planning layout of ZIKE that this brand has a lot of ambitions, and it has laid out computer and mobile phone peripherals, game peripherals, smart wearables, smart home and smart health and other fields. ZIKE has also launched simultaneous sales operations on the overseas Shopify , Amazon and the domestic JD platform. Let us wait and see the follow-up development of ZIKE.

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