Fast Charge 2 Devices at The Same Time

ZIKE 2 in 1 Magsafe Wireless Charger Z557

Patented Air Duct Cooling System

In order to optimize the high temperature phenomenon during charging, we have adopted an original air duct cooling system, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the device during charging, and improve the operating speed and service life of the mobile phone.

Accelerate Charging iPhone 14/13/12 By 30%-45%

The MagSafe magnetic charging part has an innovative charging acceleration button, user can select whether to accelerate the charging by touching the button. Under accelerated charging mode, it can accelerate the charging of iPhone 13/12 by 30%-45% (compared to Apple's official MagSafe wireless charging).

ZIKE 2 in 1 Magsafe Wireless Charger Z557
ZIKE 2 in 1 Magsafe Wireless Charger Z557

Support 40° Adjustment Angle

The MagSafe bracket supports a 40° adjustment angle, you can find a comfortable angle when you use desktops with different heights to protect your spine and eyes.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Efficient Charger / Best in the Market

The best part about this charger is that the magnet really holds your phone/watch and most importantly WORKS! I think this is the best model/brand in the market. Highly recommend this version which is a newer generation

Matthew B.
Well worth the high price

These zike chargers are not cheap, by any stretch of the imagination. What you get, for that high price, is an incredibly reliable wireless charging stand that will charge an iPhone and AirPods seamlessly. I own two of these, and have not experienced any issues with them. They will easily fit on a desk, without taking up lots of room. To use a misquoted phrase from Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, "they just work".

Roberto “Juice”
Minimalistic yet impressive

I got to get rid of cables and plugs. What else can I ask for? It charges devices at a good speed, so it does the trick. For traveling you could ask for a foldable device, but you could just pack this one on your backpack and that's it.

Excellent Charger

I'm totally satisfied with my purchase of the ZikeTech Magsafe charger.
It is sturdy and well-made, all of the features, the magnetic strength, swivel adjustment, fan button and lighting indicators work perfectly.
It has a very attractive, classy appearance as well.
Needless to say, it charges my iphone 14 splendidly, and the fan is whisper-quiet.
I recommend this charger to anyone looking for a high-quality MagSafe charger.

Jordan F.
Very expensive but charges fast!

I was lucky enough that I bought an open box for literally half the price of new. I don’t think it’s worth the new price of $140 but I’m happy with my purchase as it charges fast and holds great.