Apple Phones iOS 18 Begin Useing AI

June 3, 2024 | Words by Jackson


  1. Preface
  2. Smarter memos
  3. Smarter smart notifications
  4. Smarter Siri
  5. Smarter Safari
  6. Smarter... Photo Album
  7. Conclusion

Use one word to summarize the current mobile phone conference.
That is, everything can be...


AI, AI, AI, AI, AI...

I am almost getting calluses from listening to it.

Even though Jackson doesn't think that the addition of this level of artificial intelligence can change anything for the mobile phone industry, which has long been in a bottleneck period.

But from the variety of forms, the flourishing of appearance, to the bangs, holes, and lifting of mobile phone designs.

Unfortunately, the days when every mobile phone could be talked about for most of the day are gone.

Today's technology companies are more like a boat pushed by the trend of the AI ​​era.

If you follow, everyone will say you are vulgar.

If you don't follow, everyone will scold you for being stubborn.

So everyone can see that between being "talked about" and being "scolded", the mobile phone overlord - Apple has always chosen the safest way to play.

Isn’t WWDC coming soon?

Apple, which lags behind its competitors by several major versions, seems to have finally decided to follow the pace of AI in this year's iOS 18.

iOS + AI

Apple will add basic functions such as free arrangement of App layout, change of App icon color, and introduction of visionOS elements to iOS 18.

Although the changes are indeed huge, it can be said to be the biggest appearance update since iOS 7, but this is obviously different from the artificial intelligence we usually know...

It has nothing to do with it.
So in this article, Jackson will focus on "what may be the biggest upgrade in Apple's history after iOS 7".

Let's take a look at what new tricks Apple will come up with with its AI that has been playing badly with its competitors~

Smarter memos

It is reported that the first to eat the AI ​​hot cake are the two "unpopular" apps "Voice Memos" and "Memos" that have been with us for many years.

It's really... a road I never thought of.

Although such a combination is indeed a bit inconsistent, as a very common tool software, how to better record audio and write text for us is the most noteworthy part.

So, how did Apple do it?

It is said that Apple has specially customized a comprehensive... "AI transcription" for the two brothers "Voice Memos" and "Memos".

Transcription, transcription, as the name suggests.
It is to convert the recorded audio into text in real time.

But it is different from those simple "speech to text".
Jackson thought about it through the text and felt that from the final display form, it is more like a "combination" of audio and text.

Just like the AI ​​call assistants of most mobile phones.
Even if you don't listen to the recording word by word.
You can know what the audio is recorded through text at the moment you open it.

This is quite convenient.

As mentioned earlier, the "Memo", which focuses on pure text, will also add an "AI transcription" function similar to "Voice Memo".

Although there will be some overlap in functions.
But the advantage of "Memo" is...
In addition to audio transcription like "Voice Memo", it can also automatically polish and optimize the transcribed text content and convert it into a more logical written form.

Now, my mother no longer has to worry about my incoherent speech.

In addition, the addition of mathematical formulas and calculators may also bring a complete "evolution" to "Memo", which is worth paying attention to.

Smarter smart notifications

As early as iOS 15, Apple launched the "Notification Summary" feature, which can push notifications within a time period to us according to the priority of notifications.

I don't know what everyone thinks after using it for so many years.
Anyway, Jackson thinks...
Useful, but not much.
Although Jackson knows that the original intention of Apple to launch the "Notification Summary" is to reduce the interference of fragmented information to our daily life.

But the truth is this.
But we still have to read these notifications one by one...

In a pile of junk notifications, find one or two messages that are useful to us.
It's like looking for true love in a bar and looking for gold in a trash can.

And the good thing about AI is that it can help us summarize the complicated information in the "Notification Summary" tirelessly and show us more straightforward information.

It can even display missed and unseen notifications again at the right time.

So you have to ask Jackson what feature of iOS 18 he is most interested in this time.
Yes, it's this feature.

Smarter Siri

Because Apple does not have the idea of ​​deploying all AI processes in the cloud, this means that Siri, which is mainly deployed locally, will most likely usher in an epic upgrade.

Apple has reached an agreement with OpenAI some time ago.
If nothing unexpected happens, on iOS 18, we will see the most powerful Siri on the planet with ChatGPT.

Jackson is also looking forward to it.
Can Siri with ChatGPT finally "stand up"?

Smarter Safari

"Memos", "Voice Memos", and even "Siri" have all received epic upgrades.
Then "Safari", the browser that comes with the iPhone, is finally getting an upgrade.

As early as two days ago, a blogger broke the news that Apple has been secretly testing the new version of "Safari".

But unlike AI search engines such as "bing", to be precise, Apple has inserted a function similar to "smart image recognition" into "Safari".

Jackson investigated and felt that this function is very much like the fusion and upgrade version of the built-in "Intelligent Image Recognition" and "Live Text" of the photo album.

In addition to being able to identify the elements of a web page.
It can also summarize the web page by itself and generate a text summary of the corresponding page.

This is not surprising.
It is essentially no different from "AI Summary".
But Jackson is willing to call another function the conscience of the industry!

It is reported that in addition to embedding AI, "Safari" will also launch a "Web Eraser" function that can block page ads.

To be more specific.
It can erase any box or picture on the web page that you select.

Friends who react quickly should immediately think of it. Isn't this an ad blocker like "Adblockplus" and "Intercept 100"?

Apple has built this function into the browser.
For the complete Internet experience of users, it does not hesitate to go to war with rogue advertisers.
It can only be said that except for the inhumanity of product pricing, Apple is still quite conscientious in other areas.

Smarter... Photo Album?

In addition, it is said that Apple will also add some AI functions to the iPhone's built-in "photo album".

Unfortunately, it is still early.
Now only one "AI erase" function has been exposed.

I just hope there will be other big moves, otherwise there will be no surprises at all.


In general, the above are roughly the main points of iOS 18's AI upgrade this time. After reading this, I wonder what everyone feels in their hearts?

Anyway, Jackson thinks...
Apple's AI is actually just like that.

In fact, there is no difference from the AI ​​functions of most mobile phones.

As Jackson said before, it is not that I am not optimistic about AI mobile phones, but the so-called AI in the mouths of many manufacturers is actually just that three-legged cat's work.

Writing, sorting, dialogue...

Who writes faster.
Who speaks better.
Who erases more cleanly.

It seems to be full of gunpowder and full of battlefield atmosphere.
In fact, behind the scenes, it is nothing more than those big models.

Although most AI functions are still very abstract and have no real practical use, they feel very gimmicky.

But if AI integrated into the system level can help us delete those psoriasis ads, automatically click "skip", and actively turn off the ad switch...

Or if it can help me delete software cache and junk installation packages with just one sentence...

Jackson will still agree with it.

Even if it is said.
We can do this kind of thing without AI, it just takes more time.
But think about it.

Isn't it born to do this kind of thankless work?
But look at what these AIs have done.